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Attache Case Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the meaning of attache case can be translated as कार्यालयी बक्स (karyalayi baks), संलग्नको बक्स (sanlagnako baks), or अटाचे केस (atache kes).

Nearby Words

– Noun: बक्स (baks) – box, बग (bag) – bag, थैली (thaili) – pouch

– Adjective: नजिकको (najikko) – nearby, समीपको (samipko) – close, आसपासको (aaspasko) – surrounding

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: /əˈtæʃeɪ keɪs/ (uh-TASH-ay KAYS)

Attache Case Synonyms

1. Briefcase – छोटो बक्स (chhoto baks)

2. Portfolio – पोर्टफोलियो (portfoliyo)

3. Attaché bag – अटाचे ब्याग (atache byag)

4. Diplomatic case – राजनयिक बक्स (rajanayik baks)

5. Executive case – कार्यकारी बक्स (karyakari baks)

6. Document case – कागजाती बक्स (kagajati baks)

Attache case, also known as a diplomatic case or briefcase, is a portable box used to carry important documents, files, or personal belongings. It is commonly used by professionals, executives, and diplomats to keep their items organized and secure. The term “attache case” originated from the French word “attaché,” which means “attached” or “connected.” It is typically made of leather or hard-sided material and features a handle for easy carrying. The attache case is an essential accessory for individuals who require a professional and organized way to transport their belongings.


1. Backpack – ब्याकप्याक (byakpyak)

2. Tote bag – टोट ब्याग (tote byag)

3. Duffel bag – डफल ब्याग (duffel byag)

4. Suitcase – सूटकेस (suitkes)

5. Satchel – स्याचेल (syachel)

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