Attache-case Meaning in Nepali

An attache-case, also known as a briefcase, is a portable rectangular bag used for carrying documents, papers, and other important items. In Nepali, it is referred to as “अटाचे-केस” (atache-kesh). Other Nepali meanings for attache-case include “ब्रिफकेस” (briefcase), “कागजातहरू राख्ने झोला” (bag for keeping papers), and “दस्तावेजहरू राख्ने झोला” (bag for keeping documents).

Part of Speech

The part of speech for attache-case is noun.


The pronunciation of attache-case is /əˈtæʃ keɪs/.

Attache-case Synonyms

1. Briefcase – ब्रिफकेस (briefcase)
2. Portfolio – पोर्टफोलियो (portfolio)
3. Attaché bag – अटाचे झोला (atache jhola)
4. Document case – दस्तावेज बक्स (dastavez baks)
5. Satchel – थैली (thaili)
6. Valise – व्यालिज (vyalij)

Attache-case Antonyms

1. Backpack – ब्याकप्याक (byakpyak)
2. Tote bag – टोट झोला (tote jhola)
3. Messenger bag – मेसेञ्जर झोला (messenger jhola)
4. Duffel bag – डफल झोला (duffel jhola)
5. Suitcase – सूटकेस (suitcase)

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