Baggage Meaning in Bengali: সামগ্রী, যাত্রীর সামান, বাণিজ্যিক যাত্রার জন্য প্রয়ান্ত্র (noun, pronunciation: bæɡɪdʒ)

Definition of Baggage

Baggage is a noun that refers to the personal belongings, luggage, or cargo that a traveler carries during a journey. It can also include the commercial goods transported by a vehicle or vessel.

Synonyms of Baggage

– Luggage (ঝোল) – Belongings (সম্পত্তি) – Cargo (সামান) – Possessions (সম্পত্তি)

Antonyms of Baggage

– Empty-handed (খালি হাতে) – Unencumbered (অবিঘটিত) – Light Load (হালকা লোড)

Origin of Baggage

The term “baggage” originated from the Middle French word “bagage,” meaning a person’s belongings. It entered the English language in the 16th century.

Nearby Words

– Bag (noun) – থলা, ঝোলা – Bagful (noun) – ঝোল পূর্ণ – Baggy (adjective) – পচ্ছড়া, মোচা – Bagatelle (noun) – নীচ মূল্যের খেলা – Bagel (noun) – এক রকমের বেগেল

Baggage in Literature Quotes

– “As the train departed, she looked out at the platform, leaving behind memories and baggage from her journey.” – Fiction Writer (গল্প লেখক) – “Carrying the baggage of past mistakes, he embarked on a new chapter in his life.” – Inspirational Author (অনুপ্রেরণাদাতা লেখক)

Baggage Meaning in Different Languages

– Bengali: সামগ্রী – Hindi: सामान – Nepali: सामान – Urdu: سامان – Tamil: பொருட்கள் – Telugu: సామాను – Arabic: الأمتعة – Chinese: 行李 – Japanese: 荷物 – Russian: багаж

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