Necessarily  Meaning & Definition – অগত্যা, অপরিহার্যভাবে, বাধ্যতামূলকভাবে, আবশ্যকভাবে


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Necessarily English Meaning : অগত্যা, অপরিহার্যভাবে, বাধ্যতামূলকভাবে, আবশ্যকভাবে

Definition :

as a necessary result; inevitably.

Necessarily Synonyms :

automatically , as a direct consequence/result , as a matter of course , by definition,  certainly,  surely, definitely,  incontrovertibly,  undoubtedly,

Antonyms :

Possibly, unnecessarily

Necessarily in a Sentence :

  • The list provided here is necessarily selective.
  • Expense does not necessarily indicate worth.
  • The number of places available is necessarily limited.
  • Recurrent dreams are not necessarily indicative of psychological problems.
  • It does not necessarily follow that sleep loss would cause these symptoms.
  • The unemployment figures are not necessarily related to the rise in prices.
  • Exam results are not necessarily a true measure of a student’s abilities.
  • The use of soft drugs does not necessarily lead to a progression to hard drugs.
  • Big men aren’t necessarily strong men.
  • That is not necessarily true.
  • The public don’t necessarily want the paraphernalia of a full hearing.
  • Learned men are not necessarily wise.
  • Their success does not necessarily reflect a leftward shift in politics.
  • The vaccination doesn’t necessarily make you completely immune.
  • Local feeling does not necessarily concur with the press.
  • Anger is not necessarily the most useful or acceptable reaction to such events.

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