Mutual Meaning & Definition – পারস্পরিক, অন্যোন্য;


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Mutual Meaning & Definition : পারস্পরিক, অন্যোন্য


(of a feeling or action) experienced or done by each of two or more parties towards the other or others…

Mutual Synonyms :

Reciprocal, reciprocated, requited, returned, give-and-take, interchangeable, interactive.

Antonyms :

detached, disconnected, dissociated, distinct, disunited, separate, separated, severed, sundered, unconnected, unreciprocated, unrequited, unshared..

 Mutual in a Sentence :

  • They have a mutual antipathy to each other.
  • We get together once a month for a mutual exchange of ideas.
  • But the market is the pursuit of friendship, mutual tired, I finally left.
  • They shared a powerful mutual attraction.
  • Mutual understanding is essential to friendship.
  • There was mutual mistrust between the two men.
  • Theirs was a partnership based on mutual respect, trust and understanding.
  • ‘I’m going to miss you.’ ‘The feeling’s mutual .’
  •  Leagues are commonly made for mutual defence.
  • In the end the relationship was ended by mutual agreement.
  •  A deep mutual respect and understanding developed between them.
  • The two countries made up a confederation for mutual safety.
  • They felt a strong mutual attraction.
  • The campaign has abounded in mutual accusations of uncivilised behaviour.
  • They sank into mutual accusation and incrimination.
  • Leagues are commonly made for mutual defense.