Morbidity Meaning & Definition – রোগ, উপসর্গ, বিকার, রোগহার.


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Morbidity Meaning & Definition

রোগ, উপসর্গ, বিকার, রোগহার .


the condition of being diseased..

Morbidity Synonyms :

anguish, bitterness, blues, catatonia, chagrin, cheerlessness, dejection, depression.

Antonyms :

advantage, benefit, cheer, cheerfulness, comfort, confidence, contentment, delight.

 Morbidity in a Sentence :

  • Finally, morbidity rates can be calculated on the basis of data provided by national surveys of self-reported illness.
  • Acute pancreatitis is a severe disease with significant morbidity and mortality for which no specific treatment exists.
  • This system provides direct community influenza morbidity data that are otherwise unavailable.
  •  In considering patterns of morbidity both within and between populations it is usual to distinguish between acute and chronic health problems.
  •  Most measures of morbidity which assess functional impairment, of which sickness absence is one, are influenced by factors other than health.
  •  Consequently inferences made about the main sources of morbidity in later life drawn from mortality data will be misleading.
  • In particular, morbidity for those hospitalised with measles is clearly reduced.
  • It should be noted that morbidity statistics are generally of less reliable quality than mortality statistics.
  • Like most measures of morbidity sickness absence is influenced by social and psychological factors as well as illness.
  • Also, surgical morbidity related to biliary drainage remains high in these alcoholic and often debilitated patients.

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