Leadership Meaning & Definition – নেতৃত্ব, পরিচালনা, অধিনায়কত্ব.


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Leadership English Meaning : নেতৃত্ব, পরিচালনা, অধিনায়কত্ব

Definition :

Leadership is the ability of an individual or a group of individuals to influence and guide followers or other members of an organization..

Leadership Synonyms :

Guidance, direction, authority, control, management, superintendence, supervision, organization, government,

Antonyms :

dependent, inferior, junior, secondary, subject, subordinate, underling

Leadership in a Sentence :

  • The military leadership have lifted martial law in several more towns.
  • The country’s leadership is in crisis.
  • He did research on group dynamics and leadership styles.
  • His confident leadership inspired his followers.
  • The party thrived under his leadership.
  • He was praised for his firm leadership.
  • The leadership has been unwilling to follow through the implications of these ideas.
  • The leadership voted to purge the party of “hostile and anti-party elements”.
  • He faces the toughest test of his leadership so far.
  • There appears to be increasing support for the leadership to take a more aggressive stance.
  • The party needs a different kind of leadership.
  • He is a manager capable of leadership.
  • Who will take over the leadership of the club?
  • The leadership want to present a single slate of candidates to be approved in an open vote.
  •  What the company lacks is leadership.
  • The leadership discussed a plan of economic measures to counter the effects of such a blockade.

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