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Jagged । Definition

Jagged definition:

having notches, roughed-edged.



nicked, pointed, irregular, broken, ragged, craggy, spiky, spiked, barbed, snaggy, rough, uneven

Jagged Meaning in different languages:

Germany: gezackt

Maori: ka tohaina

Bangla: খাঁজকাটা

Hindi: दांतेदार

Italian: frastagliato

French: déchiqueté

Russian: зазубренный

Spanish: dentado

Arabic: مسنن

Usage of Jagged

  1. The other side however is broken in about 4 parts and jagged bits of bone are sticking out.
  2. The sign was on a random piece of wood with jagged edges, like it had been broken off something.
  3. And interpreting images on the internet is, as many artists have taken as their very premise, a jagged and unstable project.
  4. Picasso worked from the photograph to create the blocked, jagged shapes he painted on canvas.
  5. Both this and the cabaletta have a jagged melodic contour, alternating stepwise motion with leaps from chest to head register.

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