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Instead Meaning in Marathi – instead Marathi Meaning

Instead Meaning in Marathi – त्याऐवजी, पर्याय, म्हणून . Know Instead in Marathi & usage.


Instead Meaning in Marathi

पर्याय, म्हणून, त्याऐवजी

Instead Definition:

  • as a substitute or alternative to; in place of.
  • as an alternative or substitute.


Alternatively, quite, or else, sort of, Ergo, rather, hence, Option, therefore, sooner, kinda, kind of, preferably

Instead in a sentence :

  • Instead, they had talked about the house and how she would assume responsibilities.
  • Instead of simply punishing them, the system encourages offenders to modify their behaviour.
  • Let’ s go for a walk instead of playing video games.
  • When we bought our house, we did our own conveyancing instead of using a lawyer.
  • It maddens me that she was chosen instead of me!
  • If they throw stones at you, don’t throw back, use them to build your own foundation instead.
  • She left him there to think about his actions – only he would probably stew on hers instead.
  • He just breezed in as if he’d only been away a day instead of ten years.
  • Instead of injecting drugs into toes, they mainlined themselves under the tongue.
  • Instead, she collected a few small photos and arranged them all in one frame.
  • Centrifugal machines are connected to the motor drive directly instead of through a gearbox.
  • If only she’d been called ‘Camilla’ or ‘Flavia’ instead of the prosaic ‘Jane’.
  • Instead she accepted the entire package at face value.
  • Instead of complaining about it, I’m just gonna go in every day and give it my all.
  • There’s no coffee – would you like a cup of tea instead?
  • What if Señor Medena had three boys instead of three girls?
  • Instead of working hard at her lessons, Mary spends her time building a castle in the air.
  • The government wants more people to use public transport instead of private cars.
  • He is too busy, let me go instead.
  • The fact that they were expecting two babies instead of one made it more of a challenge.
  • I can’t imagine why you chose Allen instead.
  • Will you go to the party instead of me?
  • Instead of defending traditional values, the church frequently seems weak-kneed and irresolute.

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