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Influence Antonym

Influence antonym – dissuade, incapacity, retard.


Know Influence in English & other usage.

Influence Antonym

dissuade, incapacity, retard, unimportance, impotence, commencement, prevent, hinder, discourage, insignificance, beginning, cause, triviality, origin, powerlessness, subordination, inhibit.

Influence synonym

domination, potency, impact, status, dignity, standing, glory, effectiveness, strength, stranglehold, efficacy, force, prestige .

Definition of influence :

the capacity to have an effect on the character .

Influence Meaning in different languages

  • Arabic : تأثير
  • Italian : influenza
  • German : beeinflussen
  • Maori : awhi
  • French : influence
  • Russian : оказать влияние
  • Spanish : influencia
  • Bengali : প্রভাব
  • Tamil : செல்வாக்கு

Influence in a sentence :

  • The decisions we take now may influence the course of events in the future.
  • The influence of opposites is felt in practical life.
  • Our visual arts teacher had great influence over our love for the fine artwork.
  • He exerted considerable influence on the thinking of the scientific community on these issues.
  • Is it because his will may be loose from the influence of motives?
  • He accused foreign nations of having a hidden agenda to harm French influence.
  • Her Friends and Her Influence in Politics and Literature.
  • Does it leave them free to depart from the influence of motives?
  • During his tenure as dean, he had a real influence on the students.
  • Her influence made me a better person.
  • Freudian theory has had a great influence on psychology.
  • Pork-barrel politicians hand out rents to win votes and influence people.
  • The family never quite regained its former influence.
  • Since they would influence my decisions, my mother told me to choose my friends wisely.
  • This area was formerly within the sphere of influence of the US.
  • It is ludicrous to suggest that I was driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • France has greatly extended its influence in world affairs.
  • Foreign domination had a malign influence on local politics.

Influence antonym in Recognized Sources

Influence in Cambridge dictionary, Oxford Dictionary,  Wikipedia

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