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Induction Meaning in Punjabi – ਸ਼ਾਮਲ (Śāmala) .

Noun .

Know Induction in Punjabi & other usage.

Induction meaning in Punjabi : ਸ਼ਾਮਲ (Śāmala) .

Definition of Induction :

  • the action or process of inducting someone to a post or organization.
  • the process or action of bringing about or giving rise to something.

Induction Synonym :

inductance, plenum, prompting, Enforcement, inductance, inductee, actuation, floatation, prophethood, Introductory, installation, installations, inductee, prompting, Introduction, prolegomenon.

Antonym :

finale, closure, detail, disbanding, expulsion, rejection, elimination, ending, habit, swan, song, resignation, breakup, ensue, dissolution, end, finish, blackballing.

Induction Meaning in other languages:

  • Bengali: আনয়ন (Ānaẏana)
  • Spanish : inducción
  • French : induction
  • Russian : индукционный (induktsionnyy)
  • German : Induktion
  • Maori : whakangungu
  • Arabic : الحث (alhuthu)
  • Italian : induzione

Induction in a Sentence

  • Induction cooking saves energy in a number of ways.
  • The induction into values and beliefs is here very low-key with the emphasis on personal search.
  • Because she was preparing for induction, the young scholar was practicing her speech.
  • Women who have an induction are less likely to need a C-section than women who wait for labor to start on its own.
  • The foregoing justification of induction is quite unacceptable, as David Hume conclusively demonstrated as long ago as the mid-eighteenth century.
  • They were engaged before the relocation and given their induction training in a nearby hotel.
  • Less trivial examples will be more complicated, but the roles played by observation, induction and deduction remain essentially the same.
  • Now x, y, z are unambiguous by induction hypothesis.
  • When a patient is in surgery, a gas bag icon indicates induction, and a scalpel represents incision.
  • There will be special areas with induction loop facilities for the hard of hearing and sign language interpreters will be on hand.
  • The falsificationist, by contrast, recognizes the limitation of induction and the subservience of observation to theory.
  • These effects include the induction of chromosomal aberrations and sister chromatid exchange.
  • One should be aware of the induction of cardiac arrhythmia in older people or those with such a predisposition.
  • Proofs are mainly simple structural inductions.
  • Doubt will be cast on the validity and justifiability of the principle of induction.
  • In vivo cytogenetic studies suggested the induction of chromosome damage in Chinese hamster bone marrow cells.
  • The theatre is equipped with an induction loop for the hard of hearing.
  • The singer’s induction into the Hall of Fame was an extravagant affair.

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