Incongruity Meaning & Definition

Incongruity Meaning & Definition – অনৈক্য, বিসংগতি; অসংগতি; অসংলগ্নতা; গরমিল; অনৈক্য; অসমতা; অসামঁজস্য


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Incongruity Meaning & Definition : অনৈক্য,  বিসংগতি; অসংগতি; অসংলগ্নতা; গরমিল; অনৈক্য; অসমতা; অসামঁজস্য


the state of being incongruous; incompatibility.

Incongruity Synonyms:

Dissonance, incompatibility, inconsistency, difference, disparity, discrepancy, irreconcilability, strangeness, oddity


similarity, correspondence, appropriateness

Incongruity in a Sentence:

  • An incongruity between expectations and results can also open up possibilities for innovation.
  • One was the incongruity between de Gaulle’s ambitions and the needs of a nation on the breadline.
  • It produces incongruity of style where the thoughts and diction differ from the poet’s own.
  • Another source is incongruity between economic realities.
  •  Another incongruity was that between de Gaulle’s ambition and the resources at his disposal.
  •  Could this be on account of the incongruity between their neurons and mine?
  •  All that was wrong, however, was an incongruity between the industry’s assumptions and its realities.
  •  The incongruity of the word’spirit ” in his mouth struck him so sharply.
  •  Secondly, incongruity is defined as possess the characteristic of highly interpretability and enjoyability.
  •  Cognitive dissonance is also applied to a perceived incongruity between a person’s attitudes and his behaviour.
  •  The incongruity of her situation struck Gina with unpleasant force.
  • She smiled at the incongruity of the question.
  •  She was struck by the incongruity of the situation.
  •  He didn’t see the slightest incongruity between the idealism of his plays and his own morals.