Incidence Meaning & Definition – প্রকোপ, ব্যাপ্তি, আপতন, আপাত


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Incidence Meaning & Definition

প্রকোপ, ব্যাপ্তি, আপতন, আপাত

Definition :

the occurrence, rate, or frequency of a disease, crime, or other undesirable thing.

Incidence Synonyms :

Occurrence, prevalence, commonness, rate, frequency, amount, degree, quantity, extent.

Antonyms :

reflection, resilience, rebound

 Incidence in a Sentence :

  • The incidence of the illness differs greatly between men and women.
  •  The incidence of breast cancer increases with age.
  •  They found an increased incidence of childhood leukaemia in some areas.
  • Smokers had the highest incidence of colds.
  •  The study compares the incidence of bone cancer in men and women.
  •  The report analyses the incidence of cancer among people aged 0 – 24.
  • There the incidence of the cancer of the esophagus was suspected to be pretty high.
  • The country had the lowest incidence of AIDS cases proportional to its population.
  • The lack of vitamins may explain the higher incidence of heart disease.
  • Why did the incidence of heroin use continue to climb?
  •  There is a greater incidence of cancer in the families of radiation workers.
  • The incidence of cholera in the camps has reached plague proportions.
  • We compared the incidence of coronary heart disease and total mortality.
  •  There’s still a high incidence of malaria in the area.
  • Authentic Italian cooking is very healthy-witness the low incidence of heart disease in Italy.
  •  What is the incidence of the tax?
  • Incidence of the disease is fairly evenly spread across Europe.
  •  There the incidence of the cancer of the oesophagus was suspected to be pretty high.

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