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Improve Meaning in Marathi

Improve Meaning in Marathi – सुधारणे, अधिक मोलाचा किंवा उपयुक्त करणे किंवा होणे


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Improve meaning in Marathi

सुधारणे, अधिक मोलाचा किंवा उपयुक्त करणे किंवा होणे


  • make or become better.
  • achieve or produce something better than.

Improve Synonyms :

smarten, evolve, prettify, totalize, incubate, polish, benefit, develop, embellish, avail, modulate, profit, ameliorate, perfect, upgrade, get better, amend, lavish, capitalize, make efficient, mend, recover, progress, befall, promote.

Improve in a Sentence :

  • There is a Marathi proverb which states, Limit your desires, and you will improve your health.
  • Abstention from drinking and smoking is the only way to improve your poor health.
  • You cannot improve your past, but you can improve your future. Once time is wasted, life is wasted.
  • I think you could improve your resume- by emphasizing your experience a bit more.
  • There is an agreed need for improved investment in the NHS and action to reduce waiting times.
  • The school has received a large capital grant to improve its buildings.
  • Both the texture and condition of your hair should improve.
  • The new registration system is certainly an improvement on our previous system.
  • We need more feedback from the consumer in order to improve our goods.
  • There is an Italian proverb which states that old wine and friends improve with age.
  • I need to improve my Marathi.
  • Increased interaction between different police forces would improve the rate of solving crimes.
  • His Marathi is improving little by little.
  • The offer is seen as an attempt to improve industrial relations.
  • We improve ourselves by victories over ourselves.
  • After a few extra practices, the football coach was sure that the team would improve their ranking.
  • The summer job market for students improved slightly compared with last year.

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