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Immune Meaning in Chinese

Immune Meaning in Chinese –免疫的 (Miǎnyì de)


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Immune Chinese Meaning : 免疫的 (Miǎnyì de)

Definition :

resistant to a particular infection or toxin owing to the presence of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells..

Immune Synonyms :

unassailable, privileged, holy, inviolable, untouchable, invulnerable, bulletproof, protected, shielded, hallowed, invincible, inviolate, pure, secure, sacred, sacrosanct.

Antonyms :

endangered, susceptible, exposed, vulnerable, open.

Immune in a Sentence :

  • The immune system is the body’s defence against infection.
  • Problems arise when the body’s immune system is not functioning adequately.
  • I am immune from the disease, for I had it once.
  • The vaccination doesn’t necessarily make you completely immune.
  • I’m immune to smallpox as a result of vaccination.
  • The cure works by boosting the body’s immune system.
  • No one should be immune from prosecution.
  • The immune system is our main defence against disease
  • Few men are immune to her charms.
  • Most adults are immune to Rubella.
  • Many people are immune to this disease.
  • Our business is far from immune to economic conditions.
  • The nature of promises is that they remain immune to changing circumstances.
  • Once we’ve had the disease, we’re immune for life.
  • The immune system is our body’s shield against infection.

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