Hopefulness  Meaning & Definition – আশাপ্রদতা, আশাপূর্ণতা


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Hopefulness English Meaning : আশাপ্রদতা, আশাপূর্ণতা

Definition :

full of hope..

Hopefulness Synonyms :

anticipation, assurance, cheer, confidence, courage, elation, encouragement, expectancy, expectation, hope, trust.,

Antonyms :

despair, desperation, despondency, discouragement, hopelessness

Hopefulness in a Sentence :

  • It was for this very reason perhaps that he ever recommended mirth and hopefulness.
  • If love errs, it must err in the way of trustfulness and hopefulness.
  • “People who forgive show less depression, anger and stress and more hopefulness,” says Frederic, Ph.D., author of Forgive for Good.
  • The scores of SSI were highly correlated with scores in trait anxiety and hopefulness.
  • In addition, it seems to us that this trouble market is having too much bullish hopefulness .
  • “I do too, ” I said, unable to hide my hopefulness.
  • She opened her eyes and looked up at me with curiosity and hopefulness.
  • But I sensed all of that changing as I experienced both the hopelessness and the hopefulness that comes with this noble profession.
  • This hopefulness is intrinsic to both his work and personality.
  • If they go too far toward hopefulness, we can become nave and unrealistic.
  • The average hopefulness , the average welfare, the average enterprise, the average initiative, of the United States are the only things that make it rich.
  • Let me strike a note of hopefulness :this job will not be as hard as you think…

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