Adjective. Fruity Meaning & Definition – সুস্বাদু, মনোরম, মধুর, অমৃত, সুগন্ধযুক্ত। Besides fruity – English to Bangla Meaning, know the definition, synonyms, antonyms, uses in a sentence and other uses of it.

Definition of fruity

  • having a very pleasant taste or smell; especially delicious or fragrant
  • worthy of the gods; divine.

Fruity Synonyms

ambrosial, Sweet, Pleasing, candied, honey, immortal, bodiless, nectar-like, tasty, tasteful, palatable, dainty, aromatic, blessed, Fine, pleasurable, plummy.


earthly, unappetizing, sour

Fruity Meaning & Definition

সুস্বাদু, মনোরম, মধুর, অমৃত, সুগন্ধযুক্ত।

Fruity in a Sentence (How to make easily)

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Fruity English Meaning and also in Recognized sources

So, fruity in Cambridge dictionary, Oxford Dictionary

Correct Spelling

  1. Catalogue – তালিকা
  2. Committee – সমিতি
  3. Conscience – নিষ্পাপ মনে
  4. Adulteration – ভেজাল/দূষণ
  5. An aesthesia/Anesthesia – অসাড়তা
  6. Asthma – হাঁপানি
  7. Befitting – জমকালো
  8. Believable – বিশ্বাসযোগ্য
  9. Bequeath – উইল করে দেওয়া
  10. Competition – প্রতিযোগিতা
  11. Amateur – অপেশাদার ব্যক্তি
  12. Annihilate – নির্মূল করা
  13. Bureaucracy – আলমাতন্ত্র
  14. Carpentry – ছুতারের কাজ
  15. Curriculum – পাঠ্যক্রম

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T1 : Fruity Meaning & Definition

Appropriate Prepositions with Examples

  1. Approve of-অনুমোদন করা-I approved of his actions.
  2. Appear to-প্রতীয়মান হওয়া-It appears to me that he is innocent.
  3. Apply to-কারো কাছে আবেদন করা-I applied to the principal for medical leave.
  4. Apply to-প্রয়োগ করা-The rule does not apply to my case.
  5. Apologies to-কারো কাছে ক্ষমা চাওয়া-The student apologized to the principal for his misbehavior.
  6. Apologies for-কোন কিছুর জন্যে ক্ষমা চাওয়া-The student apologized to the principal for his misbehavior.
  7. Appear in-প্রকাশিত হওয়া-The news appeared in the Ittefaq.
  8. Appeal to-কারো কাছে আবেদন করা-I appealed to him for help.
  9. Answer for-কোন কিছুর জন্য জবাবদিহি করা-We are to answer to god for our actions.
  10. Aim at-লক্ষ্য করা-The police aimed at the robber.
  11. Attend to-মনোযোগ দেওয়া-Students should attend to their lessons.
  12. Attend at-গমন করা-He does not attends at patients.
  13. Appeal to, against-পুনরায় বিচার চাওয়া-He appealed to the supreme court against the judgment.

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T2 : Fruity in English

Phrasal Verbs List


1. Break into (enter by force,  ভেঙ্গে প্রবেশ করা)- The thief broke into the house at midnight.

2. Break through (get through by force, জোর করে সরিয়ে দেওয়া) – The police broke through the enemy’s line.

3. Break with (quarrel, ঝগড়া করা) – He has broken with his friend.

4. Break down (decline, ভেঙ্গে পড়া) – Your health broke down for hard work.

5. Break out (spread suddenly, হঠাৎ ছড়িয়ে পড়া) – Diarrhoea broke out in the village.

6. Break up (close, বন্ধ হওয়া) – Our college breaks up at 4.p.m.

7. Break away (get away, ভেঙ্গে বের হয়ে আসা) – The thief broke away from the prison.

8. Break in, on (interrupt, বাধা দেওয়া) – Any one should not break in (on) our conversation.

9. Break off (stop suddenly, হঠাৎ থেমে যাওয়া) – The teacher broke off in the middle of his speech.


1. Bring though (cure, আরোগ্য লাভ করা)- The new medicine has brought the patient through.

2. Bring down (reduce, কমানো)- The good harvest brought down the price of commodities.

3. Bring out (publish, ছেপে প্রকাশ করা)- The publisher has brought out a new novel.

4. Bring up (rear, প্রতিপালন করা) – He has brought up by her elder sister.

5. Bring about (cause to happen, ঘটানো) – He tried to bring about a quarrel between us.

6. Bring forth (Produce, উৎপাদন করা) – The timely rain brings forth good rice.

7. Bring off (rescue, রক্ষা করা) – He brought off the passenger of the wrecked ship.

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T3 : Fruity English meaning