Fluctuation Meaning & Definition

Fluctuation Meaning & Definition – অস্থিরতা, চাঁচল্য, ত্তঠা-নামা, হ্রাসবৃদ্ধি,


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Fluctuation Meaning & Definition : অস্থিরতা, চাঁচল্য, ত্তঠা-নামা, হ্রাসবৃদ্ধি,


  1. an irregular rising and falling in number or amount; a variation.

Fluctuation Synonyms:

Variation, shift, change, alteration ,swing, movement, oscillation, undulation, alternation ,rise and fall ,rising and falling, see-sawing, yo-yoing ,instability, unsteadiness



Fluctuation in a Sentence:

  • The third general feature is increased fluctuation in production between years.
  • The reason is simply a minor fluctuation in the fluid content of your body.
  • Prices are subject to fluctuation.
  • The erratic fluctuation of market prices are in consequence of unstable economy.
  • On the basis of concentric annular fluctuation pressure model, approximate solution of eccentric annular was soluted.
  • The calculations do not take into account any fluctuation in the share price.
  •  This price fluctuation requires that one measure the current yield on a seasoned bond.
  •  There is much evidence that the fluctuation field involves distinctive patterns of motion.
  •  As it is sensitive to large temperature fluctuation, care should be taken to maintain a stable reading.
  •  This also gets round problems of fluctuation, when business is slow, they do not have to maintain a regular workforce.