Exponential Meaning & Definition – ব্যাখ্যামূলক, ব্যাখ্যাপূর্ণ.


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Exponential Meaning & Definition

ব্যাখ্যামূলক,  ব্যাখ্যাপূর্ণ.

Definition of Exponential

of an increase) becoming more and more rapid.

Exponential Synonyms

rapid, phenomenal, huge, expeditious

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 Exponential in a Sentence

  • Text messaging has experienced exponential growth in the past year.
  • . Claude has suggested that there is an exponential relationship between the number of tight junctional strands and transepithelial resistance.
  •  Compared with the exponential distribution, the unified velocity distribution of pipe flow is very reliable.
  •  Based on the analysis of HGMD, an exponential decay of the size distributions of the small insertions and deletions is revealed in association with the number of nucleotides inserted or deleted.
  •  In this paper, the persistence and exponential decay characteristics of wavelet coefficient are analyzed, a model parameter initialization method is proposed. .
  •  The policy tried to check the exponential growth of public expenditure.
  •  We are looking for exponential growth in our investment.
  •  64 is an exponential expression.
  •  There has been an exponential increase in the world population this century.
  • Exponential smoothing would again normally be used for short term forecasting, for periods up to six months ahead.
  •  4 is an exponential expression.
  • This would produce exponential curves, which do not fit the data, particularly in the first 3 months after radiotherapy.