Quarantine Meaning in Urdu

Quarantine Meaning in Urdu – الگ تھلگ , چلّ ,  بیماری کی وجہ سے علیحدگی


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Quarantine meaning in Urdu : الگ تھلگ , چلّ  بیماری کی وجہ سے علیحدگی


a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed.

Quarantine Synonyms:

Detention, lazaretto, seclusion, segregation, separation, sequestration.


release, integration, let go, combine, free, unite, desegregate, join.

 Quarantine in a Sentence:

  • This depends largely on the quarantine situation.
  • You wouldn’t quarantine cancer patients, would you?
  • The quarantine makes it illegal to transport honey bees out of the area.
  • The animal is being kept at quarantine kennels after being siezed at Newport docks.
  • The monkeys were kept in quarantine for 31 days.
  • The horse had to spend several months in quarantine when it reached Britain.
  • The health officials placed the ship’s crew in quarantine.
  • The ship is still in rigorous quarantine.
  • The dog was kept in quarantine for six months.
  • The ship is detained in quarantine.
  • The mice must then be kept in quarantine for 6 months.
  • Simpson said a monkey from the other quarantine room also showed signs of the virus.
  • a second test was negative.
  • But I don’t know how long the quarantine period is?
  • The animals are still in quarantine at the port.

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