Meditation Meaning in Tamil

Meditation Meaning in Tamil – தியானம் .


Know Meditation in Tamil & other usage.

Meditation meaning in Tamil :

தியானம் .


  • a written or spoken discourse expressing considered thoughts on a subject.
  • the action or practice of meditating.

Meditation Synonyms:

thought, study, consideration, practice, exercise, culture, cogitation, cultivation, trance, contemplation, recollection, contemplation.


desperation, disturbance, diversion, embarrassment, commend, computation, daydreaming, entertainment, bewilderment, dreaminess, entity, beguilement, deception, delusion, forgetfulness, glance, glimpse, distraction.

Meditation in a Sentence:

  • She found peace through yoga and meditation.
  • She swears by meditation as a way of relieving stress.
  • Snow Quartz crystals have been used since ancient times as powerful healing objects and meditation tools, and to make medicinal elixirs.
  • The meditation class will be timed so that it does not coincide with the noisier exercise classes.
  • He is deep in meditation.
  • Visitors with a nervous disposition can view the results of the meditation from a safe distance on a monitor.
  • After long study and meditation, Ammonius opened a school of philosophy in Alexandria.
  • The novel is an extended meditation on art, love and loss.
  • Some people think I’m weird doing meditation, but it works for me and that’s all that matters.
  • Meditation allows you to enter a state of deep relaxation.
  • With Seneca this resignation took the form of a constant meditation upon death.
  • This peaceful garden lends itself to meditation.
  • There they sought redemption through prayer and meditation.
  • He was deep in meditation and didn’t see me come in.
  • There is little more to tell of his life of solitary meditation.
  • Meditation involves focusing the mind on a single object or word.
  • I left him deep in meditation.
  • A three month study showed that Transcendental Meditation was effective in reducing blood pressure in people with mildly elevated blood pressure.
  • Let us spend a few moments in quiet meditation.
  • The book is a meditation on the morality of art.
  • He stared out of the window in silent meditation.
  • The prose works touch on retrospective topics or deal with subjects of deep meditation.
  • A study of yoga leads naturally to meditation.
  • Meditation is practised by some Eastern religions.

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