Indefatigable Meaning in Spanish

Indefatigable Meaning in Spanish – infatigable, incansable


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Indefatigable meaning in Spanish : infatigable, incansable


(of a person or their efforts) persisting tirelessly..

Indefatigable Synonyms :

unremitting, energetic, dynamic, unflagging, relentless, Tireless, untiring, enthusiastic, unwearied, unrelenting, unwearying, never-tiring.


idle, feeble

 Indefatigable in a Sentence:

  • The very reputation of being strong-willed, plucky, and indefatigable is of priceless value. – Charles Robert Darwin.
  •  In New York, the indefatigable Olmsted refused to give up the battle.
  • Annie was an indefatigable campaigner for better community services.
  • Meanwhile, the body is fluid, strong and apparently indefatigable.
  •  The letters show Pelham to have been indefatigable and devoted to the parliamentary cause.
  • That kind of instinctive, indefatigable willingness to engage is a gift, Mr Caen, as unteachable as it is unbuyable.
  • His indefatigable spirit helped him to cope with his illness.
  •  An indefatigable advocate of equal rights; a tireless worker; unflagging pursuit of excellence.
  •  Camel – Docility, patience and indefatigable perseverance.
  • But the indefatigable Swans, yellow labels flapping from their shoulder bags, would never dream of sitting anything out.
  • A modest and sincere man, his indefatigable hard work and innate sense of justice made him popular with his workforce.
  • The indefatigable Baedeker produced his first guidebook to this country in 1877.
  • Through indefatigable effort, france had gained delectable success in informatization respect.
  •  Mr Gooch, an indefatigable and poker-faced researcher, tracks down the one man known to have kissed her: “I had the feeling of kissing a skeleton and in that sense it was a shocking experience.”
  • She was indefatigable in her search for the truth.
  •  He was indefatigable in his efforts to secure funding for new projects.
  • Neil – the indefatigable road hog, tireless adventurer, tired.

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