Morale Meaning in Malay

Morale Meaning in Malay – semangat


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Morale meaning in Malay : semangat

Definition :

the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time..

Morale Synonyms:

self-esteem, spirits, esprit de corps, state of mind, team spirit , heart, optimism, Confidence, self-confidence, Spirit, hope.


dread, Purposelessness, fear, self doubt, aimlessness, heart-stopping fear.

Morale in a Sentence:

  • The bonus helped maintain morale among the staff.
  • There is a need to raise morale in the teaching profession.
  • This win has been a great morale booster.
  • Morale has been low since the latest round of job-cuts.
  • A couple of victories would improve the team’s morale enormously.
  • Morale is very high in the school.
  • Morale amongst the players is very high at the moment
  • The unexpected win boosted the team’s morale.
  • The morale of the enemy soldiers degenerated, and they were unable to fight.
  • A win is always good for morale.
  • Staff are suffering from low morale.
  • Her mission was to improve staff morale and output.
  • Recent changes have undermined teachers’ morale.
  • The news is good for morale.
  • Mail from home is a great morale booster for our soldiers.
  • Morale in the armed forces was at rock bottom.
  • The news has done wonders for our morale.

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