Atrocities Meaning in Malagasy

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Definition of Atrocities

  • an extremely wicked or cruel act, typically one involving physical violence or injury.
  • a highly unpleasant or distasteful object.
  • an extremely cruel act, or the committing of such acts

Atrocities Meaning in Malagasy


Atrocities in a Sentence

  • A shower helped, but even the monotonous beat of hot water couldn’t drive out the visions of atrocities in his head.
  • Public indignation was aroused by what were known as the “Bulgarian atrocities,” and Gladstone flung himself into the agitation against Turkey with characteristic zeal.
  • A tragedian, Rubens loved to depict battles, atrocities, martyrdoms and slaughters.
  • It was a slow slaughter, peppered with massacres and atrocities from which whole generations are still recovering.
  • He took a prominent part in the agitation which followed “the Bulgarian atrocities“; his speeches were intemperate, and he was accused of uttering the words “Perish India!”
  • His forceful spirit was equally conspicuous in his opposition to the Church Discipline Act of 1874, and in his denunciation of the Bulgarian atrocities of 1876.
  • In the autumn of the same year Kuttenberg was the scene of horrible atrocities.
  • Even the publicity for the exhibition plays up a ghoulish fascination with medieval atrocities.

More Sentences with Atrocities

  • Emails reporting massacres and other atrocities were based on noises overheard, a cautious glance from the window, and third-hand reports.
  • The late atrocities had made confidence or goodwill between parties impossible.
  • Filangieri marched forward taking town after town, and committing many atrocities.
  • He then advanced southwards, besieged and took Catania, where his troops committed many atrocities, and by May 1849 he had conquered the whole of Sicily, though not without much bloodshed.
  • It is unnecessary to recapitulate the unheardof atrocities by which the consent of the sejm to this act of brigandage was at last extorted (Aug.
  • We diminish ourselves if we allow the atrocities committed by others to turn us into inhuman people capable of similar evil.

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