Incursion Meaning in Japanese

Incursion Meaning in Japanese – 侵入, 来攻, 来冦, 来襲


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Incursion meaning in Japanese :

侵入, 来攻, 来冦, 来襲


  • an occasion when people suddenly involve themselves in another person’s private situation
  • a hostile entrance into a territory.
  • an invasion or attack, especially a sudden or brief one.
  • an entering in or into (something, such as an activity or undertaking).
  • a sudden and unwanted entrance to a place or area controlled by  others, esp. in a military attack

Incursion Synonyms:

profusion, inpouring, thrust into, descent on, sortie into, sally against/into, advance on/into, inrush, income, wealth, invasion, attack on, richness, inflow, flux, inundation, intrusion, flood, ingress, blitz on, push into, storming of, overrunning of, foray into, assault on, raid on, invasion of, influx, rush, affluence, stream.


outflow, surrender, submission, effluence, repulsion, efflux, emigration, retreat, outpouring, defense, resistance, exodus, flight

Incursion in a Sentence:

  • There were repeated marine incursions which brought the occasional marine animals into the fossil assemblages.
  • The serenity of Swedish literature was rudely shaken about 1884 by an incursion of realism and by a stream of novel and violent imaginative impulse.
  • But never before did a single incursion take place, which has serious consequences.
  • The incursion caused no political stir , and was played down by the authorities asas the army.
  • The soldiers’ violent incursion into the city left many people dead.
  • They were outraged by our incursion into Cambodia.
    Without legislative approval, the president cannot announce an overseas incursion.
  • There are diplomatic risks to any Iraqi incursion, according to international relations expert Soli Ozel.
  • Traditional crafts remain remarkably unchanged by the slow incursion of modern ways.
  • Government forces were able to halt the rebel incursion.
  • The invading troops were ordered to retreat during the deadly incursion.
  • The rebels made frequent incursions into the area controlled by the government.
  • Despite having few weapons, the farmers were able to fight off a military incursion from the king’s forces.
  • Does this incursion upon individual liberty without consent serve a worthwhile purpose or rest upon some important principle?
  • After spending the winter in organizing a cavalry force, he made a successful incursion into Lydia in the spring of 395.
  • Serious incursions from the colliers occurred in 1727, 1731, 1735 and 1738.
  • The incursion of whiteflies into the area could damage crops.
  • Mass media culture has made an incursion into the formerly isolated Karoo.
  •  Locals regarded it as a provocative incursion.
  • Direct expenditures on legal structure and the policing of unlawful incursions would be a preferable measure, but is not available.
  • The scenic writing hinted at the image of this ideal world by means of various lyrical incursions: a light melody, a sound, a pause, or accent achieved through the lighting.
  • He described the incursion as the most dangerous development since the end of the war itself.
  • And she thought of her tiny incursion into that life.
  • They were shattered by the sudden incursion of a resounding bass voice which broke into song.
  • There was no structural incursion into the cabin space except to some degree in the instrument panel and rudder pedal areas.

Incursion Meaning in Japanese & Recognized Sources

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