Pandemic Meaning in Hindi

Pandemic Meaning in Hindi – महामारी, देशव्‍यापरी या विश्‍वव्‍यापी (रोग), विश्‍वमारी


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Pandemic Hindi Meaning : महामारी, देशव्‍यापरी या विश्‍वव्‍यापी (रोग), विश्‍वमारी

Definition :

prevalent over a whole country or the world.

Pandemic Synonyms :

epidemic, universal, global, common, general, majority, overall, popular, prevailing, public, received, ruling, widespread, prevalent, pervasive, rife, rampant.

Antonyms :

peculiar, special, unique individual, separate, singular nonpublic, personal, private uncommon, unpopular, distinctive, especial, idiosyncratic.

Pandemic in a Sentence :

  • Jasper and I stopped playing in 1982, before the pandemic was well along, before the virus had been isolated.
  • It has backfired because those worst hit by the pandemic, black people, are paying the price.
  • Not the real thing, of course, but rather a pandemic of stories about anarchists and conspiracies and such.
  •  They feared a new cholera pandemic.
  • The intelligence estimate portrays the pandemic as the bad side of globalization
  • What action can a country take against a pandemic?
  • . After the balky start, however, the WHO’s pandemic response system is running well.
  • Influenza, in its zoonotic, seasonal epidemic and pandemic forms, remains a substantial global public health threat.
  • At the moment, the world’s pandemic – alert system is distressingly secretive.
  •  Dr. DeLay cautioned countries to maintain against resurgent pandemic.
  • In some parts of the world malaria is still pandemic.
  • Nobody guessed that such a rare disease would become a pandemic.
  • The greying of nations is presented as an inescapable world wide pandemic from which there is no escape.
  • And history teachers could set their pupils researching the influenza pandemic of 1918, a grim but fascinating topic.

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