Invasion Meaning in Hindi

Invasion Meaning in Hindi – आक्रमण, हमला, चढ़ाई .


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Invasion meaning in Hindi :

आक्रमण, हमला, चढ़ाई .


  • an unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.
  • an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.
  • an instance of invading a country or region with an armed force.

Invasion Synonyms:

Incursion, richness, raid on, invasion of, influx, flux, inundation, income, wealth, inrush, rush, affluence, stream, profusion, inpouring, attack on, intrusion, storming of, overrunning of, foray into, blitz on, push into, invasion, assault on, thrust into, descent on, sortie into, sally against/into, advance on/into, flood, ingress.


defense, outpouring, outflow, submission, effluence, repulsion, resistance, efflux, emigration,  surrender, retreat, invasion, flight

Invasion in a Sentence:

  • She was annoyed at his invasion.
  • Latest reports are of a full-scale military invasion.
  • There has been a hardening of government policy since the invasion.
  • The leaflets stoked up fears of an invasion.
  • In an attempt to stop an invasion, the villagers built a tall fort to protect against the enemy’s force.
  • The invasion left a legacy of hatred and fear.
  • The air force counterattacked and repelled the invasion.
  • These phone calls are a gross invasion of privacy.
  • Since the US invasion the president’s reputation has nosedived.
  • After the invasion, people were forbidden to fly their national flag.
  • The D-Day invasion was a concerted exercise by the armed forces of Britain, the US and Canada.
  • The invasion on land was supported by bombers in the air.
  • Although they couldn’t stop the city’s invasion, the local military tried their best to fend off the attackers.
  • He has warned some of his more gung ho generals about the consequences of an invasion.

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