Inflow Meaning in Hindi

Inflow Meaning in Hindi – शाखा, अन्तर्वाह .


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Inflow meaning in Hindi :

शाखा, अन्तर्वाह .


  • the movement of liquid or air into a place.

Inflow Synonyms:

Incursion, richness, rush, affluence, stream, profusion, inpouring, attack on, intrusion, storming of, overrunning of, raid on, invasion of, assault on, thrust into, descent on, sortie into, flux, influx, foray into, blitz on, push into, inundation, income, wealth, inrush, sally against/into, advance on/into, flood, ingress.


defense, submission, resistance, efflux, emigration, effluence, outflow, surrender, retreat, inflow, repulsion, outpouring, flight

Inflow in a Sentence:

  • This will lead to an inflow of foreign currency.
  • High customs tariffs and turnover taxes were introduced to prevent a large-scale inflow of consumer goods.
  • projection of the business using different layers of cash inflow and outflow.
  • After two years of strong cash inflow, there was a cash outflow of 9.5 million.
  • The Government would seek international co-operation on checking the inflow of boat people at January’s Geneva conference meeting.
  • The inflow to pension funds is combined with the inflow of funds to life assurance companies and is shown in cell 6/3.
  • The inflow of foreign money was incalculable.
  • Stop the oil Barons from making money by limiting the inflow of cash and the truth will suddenly.
  • Continue working on the mind with a constant inflow of.
  • Third, an analysis of the inflow and outflow rates over the regions of the U K will be carried out.
  • To a much lesser extent other towns also depended upon an inflow of migrants to maintain their numbers.
  • As a result, there has been a steady inflow of contaminated food since July 1986.
  • His government blames the upsurge of violence on the record inflow of immigrants this year.
  • This change is produced by the net energy inflow through the six faces of the cube.
  • The case of capital inflow than the outflow of capital, domestic capital will result in tension, thus affecting economic growth.

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