Exodus Meaning in Hindi

Exodus Meaning in Hindi – एक्सोदेस, निष्क्रमण, कूच, बहिर्गमन, प्रस्थान .


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Exodus meaning in Hindi :

एक्सोदेस, निष्क्रमण, कूच, बहिर्गमन, प्रस्थान .


  • a mass departure of people. .

Exodus Synonyms:

evacuation, Egress, evagination, debouchment, outflow of funds, egression, Emergence, Departure, starting, onset, sendoff, Exit


arrival, flux, inflow, influx, inrush

Exodus in a Sentence:

  • The island is facing a mass exodus of its young people.
  • Tired of the hardships of farming, many families have made an exodus from the country to the city. 
  • An exodus from California is by no means inevitable.
  • The town is dying because of the recent exodus of talented college graduates who have left to find their fortunes in the big city. 
  • It was just after noon on a Friday when I arrived so the weekend exodus was just starting.
  • There will be an exodus south of the border for this autumn date.
  • There would be a mass exodus of people, a meltdown of the financial system, a city torn apart.
  • The gift of manna in Exodus 16 is pure miracle.
  • Dissatisfaction, exacerbated by the non-payment of the usual bonuses, led to a mass exodus and mutiny.
  • Despite our doubts, our summer exodus in the family van proved to be a wonderful adventure.
  • Many evacuees went home during that first winter, but when the blitz began, there was another exodus from London.
  • The medical system is facing collapse because of an exodus of doctors.
  • There has been a mass exodus of workers from the villages to the towns.
  • In response, hundreds of Acadians began the exodus from Nova Scotia.
  • The British response to the Acadian exodus accelerated it.
  • There is always an exodus to the coast at holiday times.

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