Affluence Meaning in Hindi

Affluence Meaning in Hindi – समृद्धि, धन, संपन्नता, श्री, प्रचुरता


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Affluence meaning in Hindi : समृद्धि, धन, संपन्नता, श्री, प्रचुरता


  • abundance of property.
  • an abundant flow or supply
  • the state of having a great deal of money.
  • a flowing to or toward a point
  • the state of having a lot of money and possessions

Affluence Synonyms:

inundation, inpouring, rush, influx, invasion, income, flux, ingress, flood, inrush, wealth, intrusion, inflow, richness, stream, incursion, profusion.


outflow, flight, exodus, effluence, emigration, efflux, outpouring.

Affluence in a Sentence:

  • Furthermore, the same affluence encourages an increased array of leisure time activity choices.
  • The 1950s were an age of affluence in America.
  • A sign of the man’s affluence was his valuable art collection.
  • However, affluence and technological advances have created new kinds of safety hazards for people who live in Western society.
  • The effect of increasing affluence is to minimize the importance of economic goals.
  • When Matt’s parents used their affluence to build the school’s new facility, Matt was quickly admitted to the college.
  • Since James is an arrogant young man who comes from a wealthy family, he often brags about his family’s affluence.
  • Lance has never wanted for anything because of his parents’ affluence.
  • Because William’s affluence allows him to donate generously to the Police Benevolent Association, he never receives traffic tickets.
  • For them, affluence was bought at the price of less freedom in their work environment.
  • Their affluence is more apparent than real.
  • Gail credits her early retirement and affluence to working hard and saving carefully.
  • Pockets of affluence coexist with poverty.
  • Paid holidays, more affluence and cheaper travel have turned the last few decades into an era of travel.
  • The postwar era was one of new affluence for the working class.
  • There is a lot of affluence in this part of the state because it has many businesses.
  • They are the products of post-war affluence.
  • The comparative affluence of working class youth in the sixties allowed the building-up of large groups of mobile supporters.
  • Even though Miles was a man of affluence, he owned only two pairs of shoes in his lifetime.

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