Drain Meaning & Definition – জলপ্রণালী, নর্দমা, জলনির্গমন পথ, জলনালী.


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Drain Meaning & Definition

জলপ্রণালী, নর্দমা, জলনির্গমন পথ, জলনালী


cause the water or other liquid in (something) to run out, leaving it empty or dry..

Drain Synonyms

absorb, burn, consume, deplete, devour, draw down, exhaust, expend, play out, spend, use up

Antonyms :

bathe, douse (also dowse), drench, soak, souse, wash, water, wet deluge, drown, flood, inundate, overflow submerge, swamp,

Drain in a Sentence

  • All my effort went down the drain.
  • I drain the pasta, then I share it out between two plates.
  • Drain any liquid that is left in the rice.
  • Leaves clogged the grating over the drain.
  • Drain all the oil from the engine.
  • He will drain, rather than enrich, the country.
  • These losses have been a major drain on the company’s resources.
  • Small local stores are going down the drain.
  • Safety standards have gone down the drain.
  • She accidentally dropped her ring down a drain in the road.
  • Pull the plug and let the water drain away.
  • Dig trenches to drain the water away.
  • The water swirled down the drain.
  • The mortgage is a drain on our financial resources.
  • It was not easy to drain the flooded mine.
  • First,you have to drain the container of all the old oil.
  • Something has stopped the drain up.

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