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Curb Meaning in Telugu

Curb Meaning in Telugu – కాలిబాటలు, అదుపులో పెట్టు . Know Curb in Telugu & usage.

Curb Meaning in Telugu

అదుపులో పెట్టు, కాలిబాటలు

Curb Definition:

As a Noun –

  • a swelling on the back of a horse’s hock, caused by spraining a ligament.
  • a check or restraint on something.
  • a type of bit with a strap or chain attached which passes under a horse’s lower jaw, used as a check.

As a Verb –

  • restrain or keep in check.
  • lead (a dog being walked) near the curb to urinate or defecate, in order to avoid soiling buildings, pavements, etc. restrain or keep in check.


As a Noun –

  • interruption, retardation, kerbstone, kerb, barrier, obstacle, the rub, bog, resistance, trammel, brake, defenses.

As a Verb –

  • restrain, press, hollow, conciliate, inhibit, put down, suppress, subdue, sit on, allay, moderate, get under, Extenuate.


liberate, latitude, comply, allow, aid, submit, go ahead, encouragement, loosen, let go, permit, center, foster, free, promote, advance, loose, encouragement, freedom, center, impel inside, opening, incite, help, facilitate, interior, yield, assist, indulge, inside, interior, middle, opening, indulge, liberate, release, emancipate, loose, urge, free, incite, instigate, middle, freedom, obey, release, forward, encourage.

Curb in a sentence :

  • The National Council on the Handicapped notes that a curb is a wall to a handicapped person.
  • A Chinese proverb advises, Use power to curb power.
  • The only way to curb this unruly mob is to use tear gas.
  • He shoved the door open with all his might, revealing the steely skies of winter and the grey cement curb outside.
  • We need a free press to curb government excesses.
  • Marjorie needs to curb her expensive tastes because she is getting seriously into debt.
  • We are trying to keep a curb on their activities.
  • Keep a curb on your anger.
  • He needs to learn to curb his temper.
  • He has to learn to curb his natural exuberance.
  • Will Rogers once noted that we can’t all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb, and clap as they go by.
  • It was probably a bad idea to tell our toddler in the library that we would be going to Disneyworld which caused us to try to curb her enthusiasm. 
  • I could only curb my excitement of getting a pay raise by thinking about my colleagues who were taking a pay cut.
  • The government needs to take measures to curb violent crime.
  • The old woman fell and broke her hip when she tripped over the curb after getting off the bus.
  • Taking a few deep breaths following a heated argument may curb your temper.
  • You should learn to curb your anger before you have a heart attack.
  • You must try to put a curb on your bad temper/spending habits.
  • The government has begun a new campaign aimed at curbing smoking among teens.
  • It is a habit we should try to curb.
  • Selma Fraiberg once stated that a two-year-old can be taught to curb his aggressions completely if the parents employ strong enough methods.
  • The government was unable to curb the excesses of the secret police.
  • He was shot twice in the head, his body left lying on a curb.
  • Nothing will curb her natural exuberance.
  • He brought up the car at the curb.
  • A man sitting on the curb on Baldwin Avenue with his feet in the gutter.
  • Brazil’s government wants to curb Amazon destruction and the land battles that are harming its image abroad.
  • She had nothing to offer him to curb whatever ambition he had.
  • I began to curb my appetite for food and drink.
  • The government is looking for ways to curb rising health costs in our state.
  • I could not curb my anger.
  • Now he is slowly learning to curb those excesses.

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