Contagious  Meaning & Definition – সংক্রামক, ছোঁয়াচে


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Contagious English Meaning : সংক্রামক, ছোঁয়াচে

Definition :

(of a disease) spread from one person or organism to another, typically by direct contact..

Contagious Synonyms :

catching, communicable, pestilent, transmissible, transmittable,

Antonyms :

Noncommunicable, noninfectious

Contagious in a Sentence :

  • He’s got a contagious laugh.
  • For example, recessions and inflations can be highly contagious among nations.
  •  People with measles are highly contagious.
  • Quinn’s lust for life is contagious.
  •  Scarlet fever is highly contagious.
  • The patient is still highly contagious.
  •  The new disease proved contagious.
  • Keep him off school till he stops being contagious.
  • The infection is highly contagious, so don’t let anyone else use your towel.
  • It’s a highly contagious infection.
  • People with contagious diseases should be isolated.
  • Antonio has a contagious enthusiasm for the beautiful aspect of food..

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