Constantly Meaning & Definition – অবিরত ; সর্বদা ,একটানা, প্রতিনিয়ত.


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Constantly Meaning & Definition

অবিরত ; সর্বদা ,একটানা, প্রতিনিয়ত.


continuously over a period of time; always..

Constantly Synonyms:

Continually, invariably, regularly, steadily, non-stop, incessantly, unceasingly, ceaselessly, perpetually, eternally, perennially, forever


Occasionally, sometimes

Constantly in a Sentence:

  • You’ve constantly got to keep on at people about that.
  • He was constantly tormented with headache.
  • I was working all hours and constantly fretting about everyone else’s problems.
  • We must constantly endeavour if we are to succeed.
  • The two countries have been warring constantly for many years.
  • I found myself constantly pondering the question: “How could anyone do these things?”
  • Plans to expand the company have been constantly thwarted.
  • The cliffs are being constantly eroded by heavy seas.
  • He lied to me constantly and started knocking me around.
  • The sun is constantly evaporating the earth’s moisture.
  • A wrongdoer is constantly haunted by the fear of discovery.
  • The ranks of the teachers are constantly expanding.
  • Newcomers are constantly hounding them for advice.
  • The area was constantly hit by drought.
  • Instruments constantly monitor temperature and humidity.
  • Mother constantly picked at him for being sloppy.
  • He cannot understand why she’s constantly carping at him.
  • Civilization does not remian static, but changes constantly.