Confronted Meaning & Definition – সম্মুখীন হত্তয়া, সম্মুখে চালিত করা, মুখোমুখি আনা.


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Confronted Meaning & Definition

সম্মুখীন হত্তয়া, সম্মুখে চালিত করা, মুখোমুখি আনা.

Definition :

come face to face with (someone) with hostile or argumentative intent…

Confronted Synonyms :

Challenge, square up to, oppose, resist, defy, beard, tackle, attack, assault, approach, face up to, face, meet, come face to face with, stand up to, brave, detain, accost, waylay

Antonyms :

avoided, eschewed, shunned eluded, escaped, evaded, shook

 Confronted in a Sentence :

  • Once again, I chose to confront the issue head-on.
  •  We are learning how to confront death.
  •  Trends in the national economy confront firms with pressures they cannot easily resist.
  •  The difficulties that confront us seem insuperable.
  • It’s an issue we’ll have to confront at some point, no matter how unpleasant it is.
  • We are learning how to confront death instead of avoiding its reality.
  •  I could not bring myself to confront him about it.
  •  We should confront theory with practice.
  •  She had decided to confront Kathryn with what she had learnt.
  •  Some people need to confront a traumatic past; others find it better to leave it alone.
  • She decided to confront her boss about the situation with direct questioning.
  •  He is willing to confront problems directly.
  •  A soldier has to confront danger.
  •  She didn’t want to confront the inescapable fact that she would have to sell the house.
  • It’s time to confront him with our suspicions.
  •  Counsellors encourage victims of crime to confront their emotions.
  •  He swung round to confront his accusers.
  •  We must confront the future with optimism.
  • We try to help people confront their problems .

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