Communication Meaning & Definition – যোগাযোগ, বার্তা, আদান-প্রদান,


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Communication English Meaning : যোগাযোগ, বার্তা আদান-প্রদান

Definition :

the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.

Communication    Synonyms :

Transmission,  imparting , conveying,  reporting , presenting , passing on , handing on , relay , conveyance.,

Antonyms :

catch, come down (with), contract

Communication    in a Sentence :

  • Good communication is important for business.
  • We live in an era of instant communication.
  • Their communication systems are inefficient in the extreme.
  • Good communication is vital in a large organization.
  • Radio is an important communication medium in many countries.
  • The communication was seriously disrupted by the storm.
  • Being deaf and dumb makes communication very difficult.
  • They underwent courses in radio communication, demolition, and sabotage.
  • Initiative, independent and good communication skill.
  • Speech is the fastest method of communication between people.
  • Television is an effective means of communication.
  • All channels of communication need to be kept open.
  • We are in regular communication by letter.
  • There is no communication between these two places.
  • Doctors do not always have good communication skills.
  • Formal communication channels are usually vertical..

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