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Climacteric। Definition & Meaning

Climacteric Definition

a critical period in human life in which some great bodily change is supposed to take place.

Noun Adjective

Climacteric Meaning

Noun: a critical period or event.

Adjective: critical


menopause, critical

Climacteric Meaning in Germany : Klimakterium

Meaning in Maori ‘Kaupapa’

French: Climatère

Dutch: climacterisch

Arabic: سن اليأس

Bangla: সন্ধিক্ষণ

Usage of Climacteric:

  1. A transitional period occurs prior to menopause termed the climacteric or perimenopause.
  2. At the climacteric, various symptoms such as forgetfulness, hot flush, depressive neurosis, abnormal sensation, and sleeplessness are often observed, due to hypofunction of the ovaries.

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