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Impact Meaning in Tamil

Impact meaning in Tamil : தாக்கம் , விளைவு . Noun. Know Impact in Tamil & usage. Impact meaning in Tamil : தாக்கம் , விளைவு . Impact Definition in English: the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another; a marked effect or influence. Impact Meaning in different languages Arabic : تأثيرHindi …

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Meditation Meaning in Telugu

Meditation Meaning in Telugu – ఆలోచన , ధాన్యము . Noun.  Know Meditation in Telugu & other usage. Meditation meaning in Telugu : ఆలోచన , ధాన్యము . Definition: a written or spoken discourse expressing considered thoughts on a subject.the action or practice of meditating. Meditation Synonyms: contemplation, recollection, thought, study, consideration, practice, …

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Instead Meaning in Tamil

Instead Meaning in Tamil – பதிலாக, ஈடாக . Know Instead in Tamil & usage. Adverb. Instead Meaning in Tamil ஈடாக, பதிலாக Instead Definition: as an alternative or substitute.as a substitute or alternative to; in place of. Synonyms: Option, therefore, sooner, kinda, kind of, rather, Alternatively, quite, or else, sort of, Ergo, hence, …

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Ideal Dictionary

Ideal Dictionary is an online based dictionary. This dictionary is to help the people who have the thirst for gaining the knowledge of words. English vocabulary words are very much important to develop your skill in English speaking, reading, writing & also listening. this online ideal dictionary can help you …

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