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Rigid in a Sentence

Rigid in a Sentence A rigid routine can be stultifying and boring.He is rigid about points of procedure.She was a fairly rigid person who had strong religious views.You aren’t cut …

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Rigid meaning in Bengali

Rigid Meaning in Bengali – অনমনীয়, দৃঢ়, অদম্য, কায়েম, অদমনীয়, বাঁধা-ধরা, কঠোর, কঠিন . Adjective. Know Rigid in Bengali & other usage. Rigid meaning in Bengali : অনমনীয়, বাঁধা-ধরা, কঠোর, কঠিন, দৃঢ়, অদম্য, কায়েম, অদমনীয়, . …

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Rigid Meaning in Hindi

Rigid Meaning in Hindi – कठोर, कड़ा, अनम्य, दृढ़, कर्कश . Adjective. Know Rigid in Hindi & other usage. Rigid meaning in Hindi : कठोर, कड़ा, अनम्य, दृढ़, कर्कश. Definition of Rigid : unable to bend …

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Rigid Meaning in Urdu

Rigid Meaning in Urdu – سخت Adjective. Know Rigid in Urdu & other usage. Rigid meaning in Urdu : درشت Definition of Rigid : unable to bend or be forced out of shape; not flexible. . …

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