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Noun. Carousel Meaning & Definition – ক্যারোজেল (Kyārōjēla). Besides Carousel English to English Meaning you will also know other uses of it.

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ক্যারোজেল (Kyārōjēla).


  • a conveyor system at an airport from which arriving passengers collect their luggage.
  • a tournament in which groups of knights took part in demonstrations of equestrian skills.

Carousel Synonyms :

conveyer, ride, roundabout, whirligig, rotary table, treadmill, revolving door

Carousel in a Sentence :

  • The four carousel’s sprang to their feet when the first strain reached their ears.
  • I don’t know what to say, my head’s spinning like a carousel.
  • Riders on the carousel began to feel sick after the tenth time around.
  • The old carousel stands there, as magnificent as ever.
  • Children laughed and giggled as the carousel went round and round.
  • The names of the master builders are well-known today in carousel circles.
  • He didn’t put the crazy horses on the carousel.
  • A carousel control shows several images in a fixed block of space.
  • Forbes and Persis sent back mocking smiles as they side-stepped into the carousel.
  • Sun also promises to help Adobe to make its long-awaited Carousel document interchange format software successful in the Unix marketplace.
  • The carousel was shut down after several of the horses stopped moving up and down.
  • Someone, something, on the carousel wailed faintly.
  • The baggage carousel has broken down.
  • She steps onto the carousel, walks over, and hugs him.
  • Which carousel is for the baggage from China?
  • I was grateful when the rucsacs appeared on the carousel.
  • The operator opened the gate of the carousel for.
  • Patterson occasionally worked on the district that Ruby’s Carousel Club was on.

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