Carafe Meaning & Definition

Carafe Meaning in English – জার, জল রাখার বোতল, জলের বোতল, মদের পাত্র


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Carafe Meaning & Definition

জার, জল রাখার বোতল, জলের বোতল, মদের পাত্র


  • an open-topped glass flask used for serving wine or water in a restaurant.

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pitcher, paramour, water bottle, wineglass, winecup.

Carafe in a Sentence

  • Can I have a carafe of water, please?
  • Jasmine came across the lawn with another carafe of coffee for Stirling.
  • I am now drinking the coffee directly from the carafe, attempting to wake up.
  • The carafe can be made stackable for more efficient storage.
  • Sim poured water from the carafe and waited another minute or two.
  • He ordered a half – carafe of house wine.
  • Near the foot of the bed stood a dish of oranges and a carafe of water.
  • We accompanied our dinner with strong bitter spiced Persian tea, poured from the ornate tea carafe.
  • Twenty minutes later the fat lady gave him a carafe of yellow wine.
  • Joshua looked triumphantly at Monty as he handed Syd the carafe of water.
  • At dinner, share a half carafe of agreeable wine with an agreeable companion.
  • He poured himself a glass of water from the carafe at his bedside, and then stepped into his slippers.
  • Pocketing the condom, the writer stood, picked up the coffee carafe.
  • The carafe is tall, tapered and elegant, yet quickly and contemporary like an inverted rocket.
  • However, he flew and returned with a glass, the decanter of brandy and a carafe of water.
  • Sarah was waiting on her deck with a carafe of fresh coffee.
  • We have wine by the glass, carafe, or bottle.

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