Blissful Meaning & Definition – সুখী, ভাগ্যদান, পরম সুখী, সৌভাগ্যশালী, স্বর্গীয়


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Blissful Meaning & Definition

সুখী, ভাগ্যদান, পরম সুখী, সৌভাগ্যশালী, স্বর্গীয়

Definition :

  1. providing perfect happiness or great joy.
  2. extremely happy; full of joy..

Blissful Synonyms :

Ecstatic, rapturous, joyful, joyous, elated ,beatific, euphoric, enraptured, on cloud nine, in seventh heaven, transported, in transports, in raptures, rhapsodic, ravished ,enchanted, enthusiastic, delighted, thrilled ,overjoyed ,happy ,over the moon ,on top of the world, blissed out, wrapped

Antonyms :

unhappy , miserable

Blissful in a Sentence :

  • Lunch by a side stream was blissful indulgence.
  • She uttered blissful noises while I half tried to quiet her.
  • She wandered deep into the forest, blissful in her freedom.
  • Meh’Lindi wore a mildly blissful smile which vanished as she came alert again.
  • All of this was blissful time out from the routine drudgery.
  • Meg was in a blissful dream lifted far above such common things as bread and butter.
  • He fell into a strange, blissful reverie.
  • All the time his business was failing, he kept his wife and family in blissful ignorance.
  • We spent three blissful weeks away from work.
  •  We preferred to remain in blissful ignorance of what was going on .
  • She remained in blissful ignorance of these events.
  •  We spent a blissful week together.
  • There’s just nothing more blissful than lying by that pool.
  • We spent a blissful year together before things started to go wrong.
  • Many country parishes were still living in blissful ignorance of the post-war crime wave.
  • Sickened in their absence, blissful in their company; love’s fool.

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