Arches Meaning in Bengali

In Bengali, the word “arches” can have several meanings. It can be translated as “চালিত করা” (chalito kora), meaning to move or operate, or “বহির্ভূত করা” (bahirbhut kora), meaning to make something external. Additionally, it can also mean “বহির্ভূত হত্তয়া” (bahirbhut hattaya), which refers to the act of being externalized or projected.

Part of Speech

Arches is a noun.



Nearby Words

  • Architect (noun) – স্থপতি (sthopoti)
  • Architecture (noun) – স্থাপত্য (sthopotyo)
  • Archery (noun) – তীরন্দাজি (tirnondaji)
  • Architectural (adjective) – স্থাপত্যসংক্রান্ত (sthopotyshongkranto)
  • Archaeology (noun) – পুরাতত্ত্ববিদ্যা (puratattvobidya)

Arches Synonyms

  • Curves – বাঁক (bank)
  • Bows – ধনুক (dhonuk)
  • Arcs – বৃত্তাকার (brittakar)
  • Span – ব্যাস (byas)
  • Vaults – গোপুর (gopur)
  • Crescents – অর্ধচন্দ্র (ordhochondro)

Origination of ‘Arches’

The word “arches” originated from the Middle English word “arche,” which came from the Old French word “arche” and the Latin word “arcus.” It has been used in the English language since the 14th century.


  • Straight – সরল (sorol)
  • Flat – সমতল (somotol)
  • Level – সমতল (somotol)
  • Horizontal – অনুভূমিক (onubhumik)
  • Even – সমান (soman)

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