Ananta Meaning in Bengali: Exploring the Infinite

In Bengali, the word “ananta” holds various meanings, each capturing a unique essence. Some of the Bengali meanings of “ananta” include অসীম (limitless), অনন্ত (endless), অবিচ্ছেদ্য (immeasurable), and অক্ষয় (indestructible).

Part of Speech: Ananta is an adjective in Bengali.

Pronunciation: (uh-nuhn-tuh)

Nearby Words:

  • Amrita: (noun) অমৃত – meaning “immortality” or “nectar”
  • Abhaya: (noun) অভয় – meaning “fearlessness” or “protection”
  • Anadi: (adjective) অনাদি – meaning “beginningless” or “eternal”

Ananta Synonyms:

  • Infinite: (adjective) অসীম – অর্থ “limitless”
  • Eternal: (adjective) অনন্ত – অর্থ “endless”
  • Boundless: (adjective) অবিচ্ছেদ্য – অর্থ “immeasurable”
  • Indestructible: (adjective) অক্ষয় – অর্থ “cannot be destroyed”
  • Perpetual: (adjective) চিরস্থায়ী – অর্থ “everlasting”

Origination of ‘Ananta:

The word “ananta” has its roots in Sanskrit, where it signifies infinity or eternity. It is derived from the combination of the prefix “a” (meaning “not” or “without”) and “nanta” (meaning “end” or “limit”).


  • Finite: (adjective) সীমিত – অর্থ “limited”
  • Temporary: (adjective) অস্থায়ী – অর্থ “not permanent”
  • Mortal: (adjective) নশ্বর – অর্থ “subject to death”

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