Anal Meaning in bengali: गुदा, गुदाको, गुदासम्बन्धी, गुदासम्बन्धीको

Nearby Words:

Noun: गुदा (guda), गुदाको (gudako)

Adjective: गुदासम्बन्धी (gudasambandhi), गुदासम्बन्धीको (gudasambandhiko)

Part of Speech of Anal:


Pronunciation of Anal:


Anal Synonyms:

1. Rectal (गुदाको, गुदासम्बन्धीको)

2. Rear (पछाडीको)

3. Backside (पछाडीको)

4. Posterior (पछाडीको)

5. Bottom (तल्लो)

6. Behind (पछाडि)

Anal Antonyms:

1. Oral (मुखमा)

2. Vaginal (योनिमा)

3. Urethral (मूत्रमार्गिका)

4. Front (अगाडि)

5. Face (मुख)

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