Anagnorisis Meaning in Bengali

In Bengali, the word “anagnorisis” can be translated into several meanings, including পরিচিতির স্পর্শ (parichitir sparsha), পরিচিতির অনুভূতি (parichitir anubhuti), and পরিচিতির স্মৃতি (parichitir smriti).

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: an-ag-nuh-ree-sis (ænəɡˈnɔrɪsɪs)

Nearby Words:

  • Recognition: Noun, চেনা (chena)
  • Realization: Noun, সচেতনতা (sachetanta)
  • Discovery: Noun, আবিষ্কার (abishkar)

Anagnorisis Synonyms:

  • Revelation: প্রকাশ (prakash)
  • Epiphany: প্রবোধন (probodhan)
  • Awareness: সচেতনতা (sachetanta)
  • Understanding: বোধগম্যতা (bodhogomota)
  • Insight: পরিচয় (porichoy)
  • Perception: ধারণা (dharana)

Origination of ‘Anagnorisis’:

The term “anagnorisis” originated from ancient Greek drama, specifically from Aristotle’s “Poetics.” It refers to the moment of recognition or discovery in a play when a character realizes their true identity or the true nature of a situation.


  • Ignorance: অজ্ঞান (agnan)
  • Unawareness: অজ্ঞতা (ajnata)
  • Confusion: হয়রানি (hoyrani)

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