Amusements Meaning in Bengali

Amusements, in Bengali, can be translated as বিনোদন (binodan), মজা (moja), আমুজমেন্ট (amusement), মনোরঞ্জন (monoranjon), বিনোদ (binod), খেলনা (khelna).

Part of Speech

The part of speech for amusements is noun.


The pronunciation of amusements is /əˈmyo͞ozmənts/.

Nearby Words

1. Entertainment (noun) – বিনোদন, মনোরঞ্জন
2. Recreation (noun) – পুনরায় সৃষ্টি, মনোরঞ্জন
3. Fun (noun) – মজা, আনন্দ, বিনোদ

Amusements Synonyms

1. Entertainment – বিনোদন
2. Recreation – পুনরায় সৃষ্টি
3. Fun – মজা, আনন্দ
4. Diversion – বিভ্রান্তি
5. Distraction – বিচ্ছিন্নতা
6. Enjoyment – আনন্দ


Amusements meaning in Bengali refers to various forms of entertainment or activities that bring joy, pleasure, or diversion. It encompasses activities such as games, sports, movies, music, and other recreational pursuits. Amusements play a vital role in providing relaxation, relieving stress, and offering a break from daily routines. They are essential for mental and emotional well-being. Bengali culture embraces a wide range of amusements, including traditional folk dances, theater performances, and cultural festivals. Amusements are an integral part of human life, allowing individuals to unwind, have fun, and create lasting memories.


1. Boredom – বিরক্তি
2. Dullness – নীরসতা
3. Tedium – উদাসীনতা

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