Amplification Meaning in Bengali

Amplification, in Bengali, refers to the process of increasing the volume or intensity of something. It can also mean expanding or elaborating on a topic or idea.

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  • Noun: Amplifier (অ্যাম্প্লিফায়ার) – a device that increases the amplitude of electrical signals.
  • Noun: Amplify (বিস্তার করা) – to make something louder or stronger.
  • Noun: Amplitude (প্রসার) – the maximum extent of a vibration or oscillation.

Amplification Synonyms

  • Enlargement – বড় করা
  • Expansion – প্রসারণ
  • Augmentation – বৃদ্ধি
  • Magnification – বিস্তার
  • Intensification – তীব্রতা
  • Extension – প্রসার


Amplification meaning in Bengali refers to the act of increasing the volume, intensity, or size of something. It can be related to sound, where amplification is used to make sounds louder through the use of amplifiers. In a broader sense, amplification can also refer to expanding or elaborating on a topic or idea, providing more details or information. It plays a crucial role in various fields such as music, electronics, and communication. Understanding the concept of amplification is essential for individuals working in these domains.


  • Reduction – হ্রাস
  • Decrease – হ্রাস
  • Diminution – হ্রাস
  • Contraction – সংকোচন
  • Shrinkage – সংকোচন

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