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Amphitheatre, also spelled as amphitheater, is a noun that refers to a large circular or oval open-air venue with tiered seating, typically used for performances, sports events, or public gatherings.

Pronunciation of Amphitheatre


Nearby Words

  • Amphibian (noun) – জলজ প্রাণী
  • Amphibious (adjective) – জলজ-স্থলজ
  • Amphitheater (noun) – বৃত্তাকার নৃত্যমণ্ডপ
  • Amphibious (noun) – জলজ প্রাণী
  • Amphibious (adjective) – জলজ-স্থলজ

Amphitheatre Synonyms

  • Arena – মঞ্চ
  • Stadium – স্টেডিয়াম
  • Coliseum – মঞ্চ
  • Bowl – বাটি
  • Theater – থিয়েটার
  • Ring – রিং


An amphitheatre is a large circular or oval open-air venue used for various events and performances. It provides tiered seating for the audience, allowing a clear view of the central area. Amphitheatres have been used since ancient times for gladiator fights, theatrical performances, and public gatherings. They are known for their distinctive architectural design and historical significance. In Bengali, amphitheatre is referred to as “বৃত্তাকার নৃত্যমণ্ডপ” (bṛttākāra nṛtyamaṇḍapa).


  • Enclosed space – আবর্ত স্থান
  • Indoor venue – অন্তর্বাসী স্থান

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