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Amphitheater, also spelled as amphitheatre, refers to a large circular or oval open-air venue with tiered seating, typically used for performances, concerts, or sporting events. In Bengali, it can be translated as অ্যাম্ফিথিয়েটার (Amphithiyetar).

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  • Noun: অ্যাম্ফিথিয়েটার (Amphithiyetar) – Amphitheater
  • Noun: নাট্যমঞ্চ (Natyo Manch) – Stage
  • Noun: মঞ্চ (Manch) – Platform
  • Noun: নাট্যশালা (Natyo Shala) – Theater
  • Noun: মিনার (Minar) – Minaret

Amphitheater Synonyms

  • Noun: Arena – মঞ্চ (Manch)
  • Noun: Stadium – স্টেডিয়াম (Stadium)
  • Noun: Coliseum – মঞ্চ (Manch)
  • Noun: Circus – সার্কাস (Sarkas)
  • Noun: Bowl – বাটি (Bati)
  • Noun: Ring – রিং (Ring)


An amphitheater is a large circular or oval open-air venue used for various events. It provides a unique setting for performances, concerts, and sports. The tiered seating arrangement ensures good visibility for the audience from all angles. Amphitheaters have been an integral part of entertainment and cultural gatherings throughout history.


  • Noun: Enclosed Theater – বন্ধিত থিয়েটার (Bondhit Theater)
  • Noun: Indoor Auditorium – ইনডোর অডিটোরিয়াম (Indor Auditorium)

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